Divorce Coaching/Consultation


Going through a divorce can be scary and confusing. It may feel like you are in the middle of an emotional and legal tornado with no idea where or when it will end.  Or, it may feel like you have just landed in a foreign country without a map or ability to speak the language.   There is so much information to learn and consider, especially when having to make important decisions for you, and your childrens future.

A Divorce Coach helps you stay focused and balanced during your divorce and is there to help you handle emotional issues that might otherwise get in the way of the divorce process.  Robin Brown Walton can be an important asset in helping you cope with the intricacies, stresses and turmoil that often comes with a divorce, and can aid in normalizing the strain and uncertainty of it all.    She provides compassionate and useful feedback for a wide variety of issues and provides a safe place where you can share your frustrations, anger and sadness.

 As a Divorce Coach, Robin Brown Walton does not and cannot provide legal advice.  That is what your attorney is for.  However, Robin can provide invaluable assistance to your attorney and can be a vital member of a divorce team.  It is estimated that only about 20% of what is dealt with in a divorce matter is legal---the remaining 80% is emotional.  Having Robin as your Divorce Coach allows your lawyer to stay centered on what he/she knows and does best; the law, thus allowing you to be able to move through the divorce process with fewer disputes that can result in escalating legal fees. 

 A Divorce Coach does not provide therapy or counseling, although may be a mental health professional.  Unlike psychotherapists, counselors or psychologists, Divorce Coaches are proactive.  Robin will stay in regular contact with you during your divorce, which can either be through scheduled coaching sessions in person or over the phone.  However, you are not limited to these sessions alone.  You will have ongoing support between sessions and can contact your coach through email or emergency phone calls.  This between session support helps alleviate the possibility of problems becoming too big before they are addressed so you can make more effective and positive choices.    Robin can help you be proactive and take preventative measures, allowing you to make significant decisions with less stress and emotional turmoil. 

In summary, Robin Brown Walton can help you by:

      Supporting you and your children during the divorce process.

      Opening up your options with parenting and co-parenting.

      Teaching you how to set up emotional boundaries when interacting with your former spouse.

      Helping you cope with a difficult litigation process.

      Helping you be more effective with and for your attorney.

      Helping you be prepared for mediation or court.

      Helping you cope with your own self-doubt, frustration, anger, sadness fear and loneliness.

      Teaching you to create a balance between the divorce process and getting on with your life.



A Collaborative Divorce Coach works within an interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce team consisting of divorcing clients, two Collaborative Lawyers, 1 or 2 Collaborative Divorce Coach (es), a Financial Specialist and a Child Specialist, if needed.    This Collaborative Divorce approach integrates the legal, emotional and financial aspects of divorce by having your team of professionals working together to contain the conflict and help your family restructure from a single-family system into a binuclear family system.  Based on the concept of generating the most favorable outcomes for all family members, especially children, the collaborative team assists in resolving conflict using cooperative strategies rather than adversarial techniques and litigation.  This approach allows the parties to remain in control of the transformative process while playing the key role in creating realistic and successful relationship transitions.

As your Collaborative Divorce Coach, Robin Brown Walton works individually with you to help reduce personal stress levels and focus on the divorce issues needing to be resolved.  She will assist you in clarifying your concerns, helping set short and long-term goals and manage difficult emotional stages.  Robin will aid in developing effective communication skills, so that you can foster a positive and effective co-parenting relationship with your former spouse.  When children are involved, she can help to identify and evaluate their needs during the divorce process and help structure custody and possession agreements, as well as parenting plans. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Collaborative Divorce Process, please go to the following website links: